About Great Grace Church

Pastor Varice O. Smallwood


A native Washingtonian, Pastor Varice O. Smallwood has emerged to the forefront as a visionary leader! An advocate of educational development, she completed her formal education through the District of Columbia’s public school system and continued her education through internships offered through The Catholic University of America and Prince George’s Community College.


Pastor Smallwood was born-again at her place of employment, and years later, was elevated to the office of Pastor of the Holy People for Christ Church which was formed in the basement of her and Brother Norris Smallwood’s home in 1983. She has been called upon to serve as a motivational speaker, to conduct seminars and conferences, marriage retreats, and women’s groups. She is in the process of penning several succinct books that will aid the believer in developing a lasting relationship with GOD. She was also the host of “Because He Cares, a cable television broadcast which aired in Washington, DC that discussed life’s issues in relation to GOD’s word.


Pastor Smallwood is an advocate of a debt free lifestyle and through her anointed teachings in financial management, she has guided many to financial stability. Out of a desire to be a blessing, she has acquired her license to sell real estate to assist others in the home buying process.


GOD has blessed Pastor Smallwood with a wonderful husband and four children, and over the years has developed a caring, compassionate and nurturing spirit in her. She is what this generation needs—an anointed vessel whom GOD can use and through whom HE can speak!


History of Great Grace Church (formerly Holy People for Christ Church)

The Holy People for Christ Church was started in 1983, in the basement of the Smallwood’s home by Pastor Varice O. Smallwood and her three daughters.  Its first location in Seat Pleasant, MD, was the site of many miracles and great transformation.  Every service was different, exciting; needs were met and deliverances were many.  The preached Word was rich in revelation and the freedom of praise and worship under the leading of the Holy Spirit was truly awesome.  These humble beginnings laid the foundation for the spiritual elevation that was to follow many years later.  Job 8:7 says it best, “Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.”  Pastor Smallwood and the members of Holy People for Christ Church can attest to how GOD brought them from some tedious places and opened up the treasures of heaven through His many marvelous works both individually and collectively.

The membership grew and the church had to relocate in 1985 to its next site in Cheverly, MD.  This former storefront was the next phase of the faith-walk that God had prepared.  The Holy Spirit continued to have His way in Pastor Smallwood and the members bringing to pass many miracle healings and deliverances.  Continued spiritual development, preparation and elevation took place there.  Pastor Smallwood grew in wisdom, knowledge and favor with GOD as she cared for the “sheep” that He had given her.  Her faithfulness to GOD resulted in faithful members who exercised their faith and proved their love for GOD by obeying His word and using their gifts, talents and abilities to carrying out the vision for the church and the “Great Commission” to every believer—witnessing to lost souls.

Our next leap of faith came when the Lord ministered to Pastor Smallwood that He would work a miracle if the church would raise $100,000 in three years.  GOD began to miraculously open financial doors for the members to give abundantly and despite all obstacles, the Holy People for Christ Church family gave liberally and worked diligently towards bringing this vision to pass.  And just as God promised, He worked a miracle.  You’re looking at it!  Come take a look around and marvel at the handiwork of GOD.  Not only was our place of worship changed but so were our individual lives.  Our faith was increased to the point that God was able to work miracles in other areas of our lives so we could give Him MORE glory.  He also has put us on notice that He intends on enlarging our borders.  We have been in the refiner’s fire which will enable us to receive and effectively minister to the souls that He is sending to this ministry and together we can see Jesus when He returns for His people.


In 2014, GOD changed our name to Great Grace Church which is indicative of the next phase of ministry for us.  We thank GOD for allowing us to be a part of this ministry where the gifts and fruit of His spirit are in full operation.

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